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So You Wanna Be An Adventurer?

Being an adventurer isn’t easy, but the Grand Caravan Trading Company is always looking for new blood! Due to the Fairness in Adventuring Act of 1459, the Grand Caravan Trading Company is legally obligated to provide any and all information concerning the percentage of adventurers employed by the Company that survive (11%), any benefits provided by the Company for adventurers (there are none), as well as any other information asked for!

As a point of interest, you may wish to learn a little more about the Grand Caravan Trading Company as well as what to expect while on the road (mostly fun!).

More information concerning the Company can be found here.

Getting To Know Your Co-Workers

So, you’ve signed on for a short tour with the Grand Caravan Trading Company? Congratulations on joining the Grand Caravan Trading Company’s family! But, whoa!, before you head off to ensure the safety of the Company’s many assets, perhaps you should learn a little about who you’ll be working with?

Don’t Forget the Paperwork!

Every Caravan has their own company-employed clerk to keep records. To familiarize yourself with this paperwork, feel free to browse some examples from the infamous Caravan 167.

Main Page

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