The Grand Caravan Trading Company

The Story Thus Far

From the notes of Abbas the Clerk

Caravan 167 has returned from their trip to the Great Wastes, but without Clerk Dunnhorn. From what I can gather from the charred remains of his notes, he died sometime between Almorvid and the Screaming Cliffs. Dunnhorn’s death was most untimely; most of his notes remain unfinished and are, therefore, no use to the Company. Such a waste.

Since Clerk Dunnhorn is no longer with the Company, I, Clerk Abbas, have been assigned to Caravan 167. This will be my first time away from Caras Calben and on the open road. I must say, I am rather excited at the prospect of adventure and I am quite curious why everyone considers Caravan 167 unlucky; Caravan 167 has made the most money for the Company and it is by far the most durable of all the Caravans, surviving fire, earthquakes, rock worms, and even the fabled Construct of Kypress. I’d say this counts as a fair bit of luck.

Before Caravan 167 pulled out, we picked up our escorts: a kenku named K┼Źnstantinos Palaiologos and an illumian who the Company is calling “John Smith” and who refuses to give his birth name. I impressed upon him the importance that I get his name, for the completeness of the records, but the young man only gave me the alias I.C. Wiener. Upon our return to Caras Calben, I will petition the Company to take disciplinary actions against Mr. Smith.

Still, for the completeness of Company records, I have endeavored to find out a little more about Mr. Smith and Mr. Palaiologos. When I questioned both about their previous employment, Mr. Palaiologos laughed and plainly stated that he was originally employed as a common cut purse! I fully expect that he was having a “jape” with me; the Company would never employ a known thief to guard their goods. The very idea is ridiculous! Mr. Smith told me “to stick my questions where the sun does not shine.” I do believe something was lost in the translation from Illumian to Common, though I find that hard to believe, given Mr. Smith’s amazing prowess in the area of languages.

This concludes the first part of my report concerning Caravan 167’s journey from Caras Calben to Seawell.

As always,

Your faithful servant,

Clerk Abbas, Lead Clerk of Caravan 167, In Charge of Records for the aforementioned Caravan


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